Sunday, 25 March 2007

Irish Joke

Paddy's doing well on "Who wants to be a Millionaire" He's got £500,000.

Chris Tarrant asks him the big question for 1 million pounds. "Paddy, for £1million, who was the great train robber? Was it: A, Ronnie Barker... B, Ronnie O'Sullivan... C, Ronnie Corbett or was it D, Ronnie Biggs?"

Paddy says, "Oi'll take de money, please Chris." Chris reminds him that he still has his 3 life lines left.

Paddy again says, "Nope. Oi'll take de money, please Chris" "You don't want to phone a friend?" asks Chris. "No t'anks. Oi'll take de money - dats me foinal answer."

"OK," says Chris, looking bemused, "give him a round of applause ladies and gentlemen. Paddy goes away with £500,000. However, before you go, you'll obviously want to know what the answer was Paddy?"

Paddy said, "No, yer alroight dere. Oi knew de answer anyway, t'anks Chris." "You knew it anyway! Are you mad?" asks Chris, "Are you mental?"

Paddy says, "Oi moight be mental Chris, but Oi'm no blooming grass!"

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